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Customer Retention Strategies for Campgrounds: How to Build Loyalty

Campers are constantly looking for the next adventure to embark on, and as an outdoor property owner, you want to be their next destination. Getting campers to come back the next time they're in the area is extremely important, hence why customer retention strategies are a significant part of good campground marketing. 

Just a 5% increase in customer loyalty and retention can increase profits by 25% to 100%. That's extremely valuable and well worth considering in any marketing and engagement efforts a campground undertakes. Here's why retaining customers is so important, along with a few of the biggest and best retention strategies you can use to build more loyalty for your outdoor property. 


Why Is Customer Retention Important? 

Customer retention, often also called customer loyalty, means that past campers will start coming back to do business with you again. Customer engagement and retention strategies are a very important part of campground marketing because they bring people into your property on a repeat basis. 

You want people coming back, since customer retention is good for your ROI (return on investment). The more frequently and consistently you have a large group of campers coming back, the more easily you can see increased profits and higher revenue. Those campers will also tell others about the value you provide, meaning you'll get great word-of-mouth advertising that also brings you benefits. 


Create a Memorable Experience for Your Campers 

One of the best customer retention marketing strategies you can consider is making your campground experience a memorable one, for all the right reasons. If you want to attract more millennials to your campground, for example, consider allowing guests to interact with you through social media and book their time at your campground online. 

Additionally, you'll want to look into providing a more personalized experience, along with the latest camping trends at your property. For example, Glamping, which is essentially giving your guests the feel of a hotel room in a setting that's still very outdoors-based, can attract millennials and others who are looking for this type of experience. 

Other memorable ideas include natural exploration, spiritual journeys, on-site sports activities (Volleyball, yoga, and horseback riding), and equipment rentals. If you can get campers interacting, playing games with each other, and experiencing adventures together, they're much more likely to come back to see you again. Your customer retention strategies should be focused on making sure campers are getting what they need to enjoy their time at your property. 


Listen to Feedback, and Address It 

Showing your campers you care is one of the best customer retention strategies you can have. People want to feel like they're seen and heard, and they want to matter to the places they're giving their money to, as well. Getting reviews of your campground from satisfied customers lets other campers know that you provide a great experience and plenty of quality when they stay with you. 

If you get negative feedback, you want to address it promptly. Analyze what's being said. Is it accurate, or is someone taking out unrealistic expectations on you and your business? If there's truth to the complaint you want to consider any changes you could make. You should also reach out to the person who left the feedback. Apologize, and make it right. That's a good way to build loyalty, and should be part of your customer engagement and retention strategies! 


Improve Your Customer Communication 

There are plenty of ways to communicate with your campers, and one of those is by sending out a monthly newsletter. You can provide updates about your campground, let campers know what kinds of changes you're making, and offer special deals. You can also send out personalized communication to your guests to get them coming back to see you again.  

While you're doing that, don't forget to stay active and engaged with your guests on social media channels, where you can talk to your followers about their camping experiences and what they really want from you when they stay at your campgrounds. 

The RMS Ultimate Communication Guide is a great resource for tips on engaging your audience, personalized communication tips, and plug and play email marketing templates. 


Build a Loyalty Program 

A loyalty program can be a great way to retain more campers and keep their loyalty. Nearly 70% of consumers say that they're influenced in their choice of retailer by whether that retailer has a loyalty program. You can offer discounted camping rates for members, unique discounts on packages or activities, or even a discount on a longer stay. 


Customer Retention is Challenging, But Rewarding 

While customer retention marketing strategies can be challenging for your campground, they can also be extremely rewarding in bringing in loyal campers year after year. Download the RMS North America Complete Campground Marketing Toolkit today, and get access to all kinds of great resources you can use to aid your campground communications. 


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