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Reservation Systems

Automation Essentials Package

The Automation Essentials Package includes tools to enhance the guest experience, grow revenue and save time! ARVC members will enjoy 12-months of a complimentary two-way SMS module, 100 SMS each month, electronic signed documents, and pre-arrival online check-ins, with 24/7 support from the Newbook team to get setup.* *T&Cs. Only applicable for new customers. If monthly SMS exceeds 100, additional costs per SMS will be applied. The full cost of each module will be applied after 12 months if the user continues to use these tools.



Campsite 360




Marketing Services

CampSite 360 provides interactive marketing solutions to help you capture guests early in their search for a campground. With integrations to GOOGLE Street View, our 360-degree virtual tours will help you stand out. 

OPTION #1: Flat rate 20% discount Campgrounds would receive a 20% discount on the total cost of a virtual tour. This would apply if they choose additional options. (Site information and Google Street View)

OPTION #2: 15% discount PLUS free "Site Information" and "Google Street View" integration Campgrounds will receive a 15% discount on the cost of a virtual tour. Each campground will also have site information added above each campsite within the virtual tour. ($1 per site value) Campgrounds will also have a Google Street View tour uploaded to Google Maps. This will be tied to their business. ($2 per site value) Allowing guests to see parts of the virtual tour directly from their google business page. The total discount received for the second option will vary based on size, larger parks will receive a larger discount.

To redeem, mention your National ARVC membership upon inquiry.