Fall foliage and lake at a campground with RVs


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Does that sound like your park? Is your park committed to making an environmental impact? If so, your park may be eligible to participate in the ARVC Plan-It Green Friendly Park Program based on a simple evaluation of your park's current green practices.

Parks that would like to be recognized as a Plan-It Green Friendly Park must meet at least nine (9) of the following 16 eco-friendly criteria:

  1. Demonstrates and communicates conservation, recycling practices to employees, guests.
  2. Park provides recycle bins for cans, paper, glass and plastic
  3. Park uses energy-saving products and appliances
  4. Park uses motion sensors or other lighting control devices
  5. Park uses non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products
  6. Park invests in landscaping practices and techniques that minimize water usage
  7. Park landscaping consists of wood chip, pebble, paved, or grass paths
  8. Park uses post-consumer recycled products
  9. Park participates in on-site organic composting
  10. Park utilizes energy efficient lighting products and solutions
  11. Park uses programmable devices and/or timers for thermostats and/or sprinkler systems
  12. Park utilizes renewable energy power sources
  13. Park uses low voltage lighting kits to light walkways, patios, decks, etc.
  14. Park uses water-saving faucets, toilets, shower heads, water heaters and/or laundry
  15. Park utilizes recycled water systems
  16. Park recycles hazardous waste materials (i.e.: batteries, electronics, toxic chemicals)