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Quality. Innovation. Respect. Honesty: The Keys to Growth

Karl, Mary, and their son Simon are not new to owning and managing a business or to camping. After first losing their hog farm during the farming recession in the 1980s, Karl and Mary have owned a number of successful businesses. And, since he was 10 years old, Simon has worked by their side learning business strategies as well as the work it requires to grow successful businesses. You may have seen them wearing their canary yellow polo shirts with large green, yellow, and red balloons flying high above their booth at ARVC National and State Conferences as well as at many other RV park owner conferences. Campground Commander began when Simon, a seasoned camper, software architect, developer, and full-time RV’er with a 48-foot rig, became very frustrated with trying to find camping spots in family-owned campgrounds along his travels. The campgrounds either didn’t have online reservation software or the reservation software maps were static maps, showing a nice layout of the campground but not allowing campers with larger rigs to know if they could first, get their campers around corners and second if they could fit them into the site. Often he would arrive at his destination only to find his rig just didn’t fit anywhere in the campground. These issues began his quest to build a new, innovative software to alleviate this all too common problem for campers who want to support and stay in family-owned campgrounds. His solution, albeit a very challenging one, was to build campground reservation software that integrates the campground map into Google Maps while also integrating management tools specifically designed for family and privately owned campgrounds. Working directly with Google support for months to complete what it took to integrate Campground Commander reservation software into Google Maps paid off because today Campground Commander is the only reservation software integrated directly into Google Maps. This feature not only allows campers to see the “lay of the land” when choosing a campsite but also saves campground managers hours of time as campers are better assured they fit, and can get into the campsite they have chosen!



Built on strong, old-fashioned family values of quality, innovation, respect, honesty, and growth, campgrounds experience these values put into practice from the software introductory demo and throughout the years of daily use of Campground Commander software. Although prices are average when compared to other reservation software, our goal has never been to have the highest number of campgrounds on our software or have the lowest price. Rather, it is to assure that our customers experience the best quality and innovative reservation software knowing that they will be treated with respect and honesty by a company that truly wants to help their campground meet their goals through growth and increased revenue. The average time from setup to going live is two to three weeks. Although we work as efficiently and quickly as possible, quick onboarding is never our main goal. We work to ensure our software is set up correctly for each campground and that campground management receives training to assure their onboarding and user experience goes as smoothly as possible.

As a smaller, family-owned business, we understand the difficulties and challenges of growing and managing family-owned businesses. And family-owned campgrounds are no different when it comes to the struggles and joys of growing and managing their campground. We have the highest respect for our campground customers, we are their partners just as they are ours. Our campground customers know we understand their needs and that we strive to continue innovating and providing the highest quality software to make their jobs as easy as possible. And our campground customers soon realize the comment found stated on ” well written reservation and campground management software helps by allowing campgrounds to receive bookings 24/7, provides added security of customer information as well as reducing employee workload while providing better customer experience” is true when using our software. Our family and private owned campground customers know their campground management needs and we listen and work to develop those needs into reality. Finally, we believe honesty is the best policy and believe and have seen that family-owned and managed campgrounds share these same values. We value each and every one of our campground customers and love doing what we can to help them succeed in meeting their goals. Our customers are not just another number or dollar sign, they are important, they are a representation of what our great country was built on, family business! We love family-owned campgrounds! Check out what our software can do for your campground by visiting

Campground Commander